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WATCH: Emre Can’s Spectacular Bicycle Kick Goal

Holy moly

Oh. My god.

After a tense and lugubrious first half against Watford, Liverpool started to come alive in the last few minutes. First there was Adam Lallana’s clanger off the underside of the crossbar, a near-miss that got us shook. Despite that, it looked like both teams were going to head into the tunnel with a goalless draw.

Emre Can wasn’t going to stand for that.

With seconds ticking down in the first half, Can received a diagonal ball from Lucas and pulled off an audacious bicycle kick shot from close to the penalty spot. The ball sailed past Heurelho Gomes and into the net for Liverpool’s opening goal.

Honestly, Liverpool should just be declared winners now. This game has peaked, nothing could possibly top that. Three points to the Mighty Mighty Reds, everyone can go home. Well played, everyone.

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