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WATCH: Adam Lallana Nearly Opens The Scoring For Liverpool

For real tho, how did that not go in??

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It’s been a fairly ho-hum game so far. Liverpool have been unable to break Watford down and take the lead. No doubt players and fans were dismayed when Philippe Coutinho had to come off in the opening minutes due to injury. Adam Lallana, shaking off an injury of his own, came on in his place and has been trying to make do.

His return to the team nearly came off with a bang.

As the first half drew to a close, Lallana tried his luck and alllllllllmost gave Liverpool the lead. The ball hit the underside of the crossbar, bounced on the goal line, and flew back out into the outfield. The referee’s Goal-Line Technology watch didn’t beep and the game went on.

Gosh. If only.

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