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Can: Liverpool Are Back

Saturday’s victory is proof of the team’s return to form, says the midfielder

Liverpool v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

There’s something to be said about how football makes us forget our better instincts. My better instincts, for the most part, would be telling me to be cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season. Unfortunately, the win on Saturday meant I’ve thrown caution to the wind and have already started assuming all is right in the world.

Emre Can, probably with slightly more weight behind his optimism, agrees that Liverpool’s bid for a top four finish is looking more likely.

"It has not been secured, but it is our target to play in the Champions League," Can said after the Everton game. “December, January and February [were] not our best football but now we are back, we did it in the last couple of games.”

December to February were not at all Liverpool’s best footballing months. I believe most of us would in fact characterise them as ‘bad.’

Still, the Everton victory means Liverpool have now earned 10 points from the past four matches. Liverpool are now in third place, above Manchester City who drew against Arsenal on Sunday.

"It was very important to win that game,” Can said, stating the obvious, albeit euphorically. “There are still eight games to go and we have to keep it up."

Those eight games are unfortunately not against any teams at the top of the table, so we just have to hope Liverpool aren’t going to return to their early-2017 form.

Liverpool’s next game will be against Bournemouth on Wednesday, April 5th.

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