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Henderson And Lallana Seek Sunnier Treatment

The midfield duo, and best friends, have traveled stateside for (possibly) more comprehensive treatment.

Middlesbrough v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

As the season starts to wind down, with now only eight matches left to play, all thoughts are on the what remains of the top four race, and how to ensure that Liverpool maintain their place on the table. This past week, though, the prospects of that took a definitive dive with Adam Lallana returning from England international duty with a thigh injury. He joined the, unfortunately growing, list of injured players, including captain and best friend Jordan Henderson.

Henderson himself was working steadily towards a return for the Merseyside derby but also unfortunately encountered “a setback” that kept him out of the meeting between the rivals. And with time slowly ticking away for the captain to return and make an impact on the campaign, every opportunity for a quicker recovery must be assessed.

That can be the only reason why the midfield duo are reportedly in Miami, although the Echo claims it is more for “a change of scenery” than any actual treatments. Considering that Henderson himself traveled to New Jersey last season to receive treatment on his plantar fasciitis problem, and that even Daniel Sturridge spent a spell in Boston with his various ailments, the only logical assumption is that the bestie bros are in Miami for fixes to their various injuries. They couldn’t possibly be living it up on the beach, mocktails in hand and sunnies and board shorts on, while the rest of the squad toil away in the cold and the wind. Could they?

There are no (public) treatments or medical visits scheduled, though, so who knows what they could be actually doing down there if they’re not training with the rest of the lads. Trust In Klopp means we may have to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that whatever trip they’re on was sanctioned by him and will definitely benefit them as players, and the team, in the long run. After all, eight matches will be over before we know it.

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