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Emre Can Posted A Skills Video Of Himself On His Own Instagram

And it’s pretty great tbh

Via Emre Can/Instagram

We’ve all seen those skills videos on YouTube. 10-20 minute compilation videos of a footballer doing neat things on the pitch, usually accompanied by generic Eurodance music tracks and/or Windows Moviemaker title graphics. They’re cheesy as all get-out, but if you want to learn more about a player your favorite club may or may not sign, or you’re hopelessly smitten with a player and you just want to watch them do their thing for extended periods of time (not that I would know about that sort of thing), these videos can scratch a very peculiar itch.

Surely players themselves know they exist. They’re not stupid and they know that the internet exists. But most players tend to keep that particular community at a remove. Self promotion is one thing, but promoting a skills video of yourself is arguably a bit gauche.

But nobody told Emre Can all that.

''No pain - no gain'' #weareliverpool #ynwa #EC23

A post shared by Emre Can (@ec2323) on

It’s a decent video! Short, to the point, a little lacking in goals and killer passes for my taste, but it does the job well enough. And you get to see Can’s gorgeous hair up close.

In short: good internet football #content. Well done, Emre. Well done.

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