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Gerrard: We’re Lucky To Have Klopp

The former Red gushes about Klopp’s work at Anfield.

Liverpool FC Legends v Australian Legends Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard (and a few other Kop legends) will be joining members of the current team as they take on ANZ Sydney in a post-season friendly. Gerrard has expressed his satisfaction with what Klopp has achieved and his excitement at getting a chance to play under the Liverpool manager.

"I’ve been asked the question before and I absolutely would have loved to represent Jürgen Klopp during my Liverpool career,” Gerrard said. “I think he’s a fantastic manager. I think we’re lucky and blessed to have him. I can’t wait for him to bring that bit of success back to the club.”

Gerrard was equally confident about how the rest of the season, and the seasons after that, are going to shape up.

"I’m very confident he can deliver that. We all love him to bits. You can see him taking the first team forward in big strides – we’re getting really, really close.”

This team engenders a lot of ‘loving to bits’ and seeing Gerrard wear his old jersey for the second time in a year, especially now that his role as the new U18 coach has been confirmed, will only give rise to more of that YNWA feeling floating in the air.

“It will be an honour to pull on the Red shirt and play football with an outstanding squad and former team mates - this is what Liverpool is all about, celebrating the family that has been around for 125 years,” Gerrard said.

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