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Carragher Acknowledges Mignolet May Not Be Terrible

The goalkeeper’s performance against West Brom was apparently enough to finally earn some praise.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Jamie Carragher, former Red who now says things on the television and on Twitter, has been one of Simon Mignolet’s biggest critics over this past season. He recently urged Klopp to consider buying Joe Hart as an “elite replacement” for Mignolet and Loris Karius, and believes that Mignolet “isn’t used to playing for a top team at the ­highest level.”

Carragher is, however, ready to give credit where it’s due and did just that after Mignolet’s performances against Stoke and West Brom.

"Has he earned praise? Without a doubt,” Carragher said following the West Brom game. “Liverpool have gained three points at Stoke and [Mignolet] has saved Liverpool two points today. That's five points which makes a massive difference to the look of the table."

When asked about Mignolet’s save from Phillips, Carragher was equally effusive.

"This is what you want from a top class goalkeeper. He wasn't worked too much today but when you're called on to make that big save that's what all great goalkeepers do at top clubs.

"That's something I've been critical of. Mignolet's been here four years now, but the last couple of games he has been outstanding. He has made a big difference to getting Liverpool to where they are and all credit to him."

Mignolet’s performances have been consistently solid these past few months, and it’s good to see him receiving (well-deserved) credit for the points Liverpool returned home with.

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