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Klopp Talk: We Are Kind Of The Roller Coaster Of The League

Klopp’s optimistic realism is out in full force following yesterday’s win against Arsenal.

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Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League
Jürgen sees the road ahead.
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

If this week was hard for us as supporters, one can only imagine how it must’ve been to those actually involved with the club, having to relive the loss again and again. That’s the worst part about attempting to learn from mistakes, having to pick apart every detail and every instance where things had gone wrong. But to do better, one must be able to see where things were done poorly. Probably a running theme of Liverpool’s season.

“We had a really hard week,” Jürgen Klopp said following the match yesterday. “Directly after the [Leicester] game, I found a few words and it was not asking for friendships. It was pretty clear. Next day, we made the analysis, which was nothing to enjoy for me when I did it and not for the boys when they saw it.

“It was absolutely exceptional; we have played and lost games, and not played well in all the games, but in this game [there were] so many bad individual performances and it’s really difficult to win a football game.

“It was frustrating. We are kind of the rollercoaster of the league – a lot of ups and, meanwhile, too many downs.”

Roller coaster of the league is maybe putting it lightly (as some players are already well aware) but Klopp was quick to follow it up with some trademark optimism. He even invoked some famous words.

“But only if you are really silly then you let the bad things have more influence on you than the good things. We have to remind ourselves of the good things and we are ready to go again, if you want,” he continued. “I’ve said a few times now, I don’t like the fact that inconsistency is part of the deal in development. Usually, you win games and you lose against the big teams because at the beginning, when they are at a higher level, they are smarter and more experienced and you lose the games.

“We’ve chosen another way but it’s still part of the deal and we know that we have to keep on going – and we will.”

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