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James Milner And The Swinging Pendulum Of Emotion

The vice captain struggles with the elation of yesterday’s win and taking into account Monday’s loss.

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Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

This season of Liverpool football can best be described by two extremes - utter elation and crushing disappointment. There are very few instances of middle ground. This week, with the return after the unwanted 16 day break while everyone else had their fun with the cups, was the best example of those two extremes. The feelings are still there, the two extremes of emotion. Joy and disappointment, only similar in their completion.

“[It was] very pleasing but also disappointing on the other hand because of the other night, not being able to do that consistently," James Milner told the club website, echoing the frustrations of every supporter ever. “We all know how good we are but we have to do it on a more consistent basis.

“We just need to keep building on that and keep improving but the way we played against a very strong team and dominated, especially the first half, was brilliant and shows how good we are.

"We just need to keep going on that note."

Cries for consistency have been nearly as loud as cries for a whole new defense and with only 11 matches to go, there’s not a lot of time left to find that consistency and make an impact. Thankfully, though, Liverpool have made their way back into the top four bracket of the table, and only have to work to keep that place. Dig in their heels, show they’re worthy of those points they’ve saved.

“Leave it down to everyone else to talk about the top four and the table and we just take it a game at a time and keep working on what we're working on," Milner continued. “We go out to win every game and we know how good we are and we can win every game but ultimately we want to get better as a side and keep improving, that's the aim for us.

“If we do that, the wins will come.”

Time’s ticking, Millie.

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