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Wijnaldum Talks Netflix As Match Prep

Today in “Celebs: they’re just like us...”

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Without too much fanfare, Gini Wijnaldum has grown into one of the best midfielders on the squad, someone Klopp has referred to as being a “good combination of an aggressive, defensive midfielder plus a creative, offensive midfield player.”

With skills like that, an absolutely perfect smile, and everything he’s doing for younger players, it’s no wonder Gini has become a firm fan favourite. The fact that he enjoys a Netflix marathon just as much as the next person is really just the icing on a pretty much perfect cake.

“Personally I watch TV shows on my laptop, or movies,” he told the club’s official website when asked about what he does the night before a game. “I’ve been watching Narcos a lot in the last few months. I also watch Breaking Bad, and I like Entourage and have watched it all. There’s also Power, Empire… there are a lot of things I watch.

Empire is the one I’ve been watching the most recently. What I love about watching TV series is that you can watch it for a long time if there are a lot of seasons. ‘Binge watching’ – I’ve learned that is what it’s called! It’s easier when you just want to chill out.”

But is he really completely tuned in to whatever he’s watching, or is he focused on the game tomorrow? Luckily, Gini answers that burning question for us.

I never think about what might happen in the game the next day,” he said. “I can’t control what might happen, I can control what is going to happen in the moment, so if I can control it I will try to. I am not really a person who thinks, ‘Oh, this might happen… that might happen’. I try not to look too far forward and stay in the moment. I hope to score, I hope to play well, but I don’t think ‘I am going to score’.

Seems like a wise approach to me.

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