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Injuries: Well, At Least We’re Not Arsenal

A new study from Sky Sports shows that the Gunners have been the most injury-plagued team in the Premier League since 2011/12.

Swansea City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Make no mistake about it, losing Adam Lallana to injury sucks. Jordan Henderson’s on-going battle with plantar fasciitis hasn’t been too much fun, either. And don’t even get us started on Daniel Sturridge.

But, if we can take solace in one thing, it’s that Liverpool (much to my surprise) are not the most injury-ridden team in the Premier League over recent seasons. Indeed, when the Gunners complain about their squad always being injured, well, it seems they actually have a point.

Sky Sports studied the 11 teams that have been consistently in the Premier League since 2011/12 (a list that shockingly contains perpetual bottom-dweller Sunderland), and found that Arsenal are the clear “winner” in topping the injury table. The London side had players out for a combined 10,285 days over the last nearly 6 seasons. Surprisingly, Manchester United were close behind, racking up 9,600 days of injuries.

Liverpool did win this race to secure a Top 4 spot in the injury table (can’t wait to watch me some Injury Champions League next season!), coming just behind Merseyside rival Everton with 8,044 days compared to the Toffees’ 8,058 days.

Because the football gods were having a laugh at Arsenal’s expense, London rival Chelsea finished last with only 4,459 days. Why must they have all the nice things?

As for individual awards, Jack Wilshere helped Arsenal lift the Injury League trophy, chipping in with 884 days out injured. Andy Carroll also put up good numbers over the last 5+ seasons, racking up 723 days injured, good enough for 6th place. Daniel Sturridge will be a touch disappointed in his performance, only managing to nab 9th place with his 640 days out.

Step your game up, Danny. If, you know, you can step.

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