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Jan Mølby: It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

Former Red is reluctant to write off this season.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

I guess we have to keep talking about this? Let’s keep talking about this, then.

Jan Mølby, yet another former Red, has chimed in about Liverpool’s sorry state. He’s still optimistic about the rest of the season, but has advise for the team on what they should be doing for the remainder of the season.

“We’re a little bit naive at the moment, a little bit too open and a little bit too easy to play against,” Mølby wrote in a Liverpool Echo op-ed. “We never managed to put any kind of fight up which was very disappointing.”

He thinks there’s still something left to be salvaged from this season, though. Liverpool’s form in the beginning of season isn’t as distant a memory as it feels right now, and Mølby believes it may be time to make some crucial changes to who we’re playing where.

“I just think we need to find our energy, maybe change one or two things.” Mølby added. “Maybe the time has come to put people back in their proper positions, to almost get back to basics without losing the quality we have to win the game which is our attacking play.

James Milner [for example] was never going to last forever. When I played I was asked to play out of position and it’s great when things are going well and you get praise. You could play on the moon. When you play in your position you know exactly what to do. When you don’t and things aren’t going well, you’re searching for what you should be doing.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than when things aren’t going well and you’re asking to play out of position. Milner is even being asked to play on the wrong side.”

Mølby believes one of the biggest problems lies in Liverpool’s defending. It’s not really the most revolutionary insight but it’s definitely one that bears repeating until we’re all blue in the face, or until Liverpool buys a decent left-back.

Liverpool are still in decent shape for the rest of this season, though, almost entirely because of the excellent campaign before The Blight of 2017 began. Holding on to the hopes of a fourth-place finish until the summer (and actual transfer action, for the love of god) rolls around is the best we can hope for right now.

If we can just manage that, it would still be a pretty great end to a tumultuous season.

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