Merseyside Derby: Say No to Domestic Violence, Yes to Knitting!

Knitting at a tennis match! - Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Short Version

Make a donation to a domestic violence charity, get a chance to win a hand knit item by yours truly!

Long Version

After the last Merseyside derby in December, I had the misfortune to come across the deeply terrible "Everton Wives" meme for the first time. "Everton wives, run for your lives" the saying goes, suggesting that after a loss to their cross-town rivals, Everton fans prone to violence will go home to beat their wives in attempt to relieve their bitter disappointment.

That our fellow Reds pass off jokes about domestic violence as #topbantz is troubling enough, but especially so in a city that has seen reported incidents of domestic violence increase by 300% in the last five years. Like it does everywhere, domestic violence permeates the football world -- from players to fans -- and knows no club affiliation. "Everton Wives" diminishes the seriousness of the issue, and, frankly, is a questionable choice from those who invoke YNWA at the drop of a hat.

Liverpool and Everton face each other again on April 1. Between now and the end of the match, I'll be running a small contest to do a bit of fundraising for domestic violence charities with a chance to win something hand made by me!

How to Enter

  • Make a donation to the domestic violence charity of your choice. It can be local to you or it can be on Merseyside, I'm not fussy!
    • $/£ 5 gets you 1 entry
    • $/£ 10 gets you 3 entries
    • $/£ 25 gets you 10 entries
    • anything above $/£ 25 will be calculated according to the above scale (e.g. $/£ 35 will be 13 entries)
  • Tweet/DM me or comment here with a screenshot of the email confirmation you receive for your donation, making sure the amount and the date are visible. (Feel free to block out personal identifying information, obviously!)

That's it!

If you win, I will knit you either a hat, scarf, or mittens! (Or something of comparative scale if none of those are your jam.) It can be from an existing pattern or I can design you something; it can be LFC-related, or not at all LFC-related. We'll chat!

If you don't win, you're still a winner because you've helped raise money for a good cause and I appreciate each and every one of you. :)

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