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Sean Dyche Satisfied With Burnley’s Performance In Loss To Liverpool

Dyche told his team to make things “awkward” for Liverpool, declares Mission Accomplished

Liverpool v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

There are, of course, moral victories in football. How much they matter is up for debate, but it’s fair to say that it really depends on the context. Obviously if Burnley were in a dogfight to avoid relegation their 2-1 loss at Liverpool wouldn’t have much in the way of bright spots. Yet the Clarets are doing ok at the moment— 12th place, seven points clear of the relegation zone. They still have some work to do but a loss against superior opposition doesn’t induce any panic. At least for now.

And as far as Burnley manager Sean Dyche is concerned, having his side go down swinging is good enough.

“It was a good performance, a solid performance. Unfortunately - it's like a broken record somewhat - I made it clear early season we didn't deserve anything on the road. more latterly we have and I thought we deserved something today. Resolute in our defending, good tactical play and I thought the players delivered it very, very well generally. A sublime first goal, two or three other very good chances in general play. Mixed that with making it really tough for them, ruffled their feathers. Deliberately made it awkward for them and I thought that worked very well. We know other teams have done that and they've suffered. Today it's a nearly but unfortunately we've had too many 'nearlys' on the road, it's our job to make it happen. With that type of performance we will make it happen.”

Dyche did say he was disappointed with Georginio Wijnaldum’s equalizer right at the end of the first half, particularly given how well Burnley had defended in the first 45 minutes. He also noted a change in Liverpool’s tactics— booting the ball up to Divock Origi— as a point of pride, forcing the home side out of their comfort zone.

I mean, sure buddy, whatever you say. Thanks for the three points.

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