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Everyone Is Going To Miss Xabi

So let’s just wallow for a bit

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

I had a wonderful conversation with someone on the internet once. It was around the time that Xabi Alonso left Real Madrid, and we were talking about how much we missed him at Liverpool. Somewhere along the line, we began talking about how Liverpool had clearly been Xabi’s One True Love™. With his retirement, it’s amply clear that Liverpool feels similarly about Xabi.

We’ve already talked about his career highlights here. Instead, let’s just look at other former Liverpool players talking about Xabi and try not to cry.

I think Steven Gerrard said it best when he gushed a fair bit about Xabi’s career and paid tribute to how bereft he’d felt when Xabi had decided to leave him and the rest of us behind for more Spanish pastures.

It’s been good, Xabi. It’s been good.

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