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Liverpool Recorded £20 million Loss in 15/16

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And yes, we actually can blame this on Brendan Rodgers.

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It appears the Reds are back in the red after two consecutive seasons wherein the club posted pre-tax profits. In the 2015/16 campaign, Liverpool managed to clear the £300 million mark in revenue for the first time (£301 million, to be exact), but also recorded a £19.8 million loss.

The loss, according to reports, is largely because of the pay-outs to Brendan Rodgers and his out-going staff after the former boss’s termination following a dismal 18 months of football following a glorious 18 months of football. The short-lived tenure of high-priced back-up striker Christian Benteke, as well as the costs of Main Stand expansion also played a role in driving up costs.

Although this news certainly won’t be enough to placate the ETW crowd, it might go a long way in explaining why the alleged £70 million transfer “war chest” never came to fruition last summer.

The £301 million in revenue was good enough to allow Liverpool to keep their spot as the 9th biggest club, according to the Deloitte football money league.