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Emre Can: I Know That I Could Play Better

Emre Can has expressed his disappointment in his own form this season and vows to make it right.

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Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Emre Can hasn’t quite been the same this year. Despite three consecutive goals earlier in the season, the once and still promising midfielder has had a largely dismal season. Admittedly, coming late to pre-season and then missing the beginning of the campaign because of injury hasn’t helped for an auspicious start, but his poor form hasn’t been lost on anyone, really. Much less, Can himself.

“I know that I could play better and score maybe a few more goals, but it was a tough period for me as well," the midfielder told today. “I still [have] 15 games and I can show myself and I can show everyone that I am strong and I am a good player. I know I could play the season until now better, but I will come back and I will play better again.”

The 23 year old certainly has plenty of time to improve, and supporters were shown just how much he can contribute when Chelsea came to town, and Can is definitely aware of areas that need work. Specifically, his goal output. After helping Georginio Wijnaldum bring the Reds level against Chelsea on Tuesday, it’s definitely a focus.

“The manager expects this from the midfielders, that we are always in the box and help the strikers to score a goal. That is what we try,” Can continued. “We have to always look to the other players but Henderson is always there for the protection and the defenders. We have to always mix it that one player goes, the other player protects.”

Can will just have to continue to adapt to new roles, as everyone does, and work on regaining the confidence that brought him this far with the Reds.

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