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Hull City 2, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

A genuinely awful Liverpool surrender to Hull City without a fight.

Hull City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Hull City 2 N’Diaye 42’, Niasse 85’ Liverpool 0

  • PRE-MATCH THOUGHT: If Liverpool are going to pull their season back on track, it will be this game that does it. Here’s hoping for the good Liverpool to reappear.
  • The first ten minutes have been pretty equal, with Hull getting the best chance of the match so far.
  • Coutinho seems to be in that rut he falls into every season where he starts playing like a mere mortal after a long spell of brilliant performances. Not great for the team if this continues.
  • Liverpool have improved, and Mane looks very good. His presence has definitely been missed.
  • Goal N'Diaye 43’ - After a few minutes of good possession towards the end of the half, Hull City grab a goal off of a corner. Mignolet botches the save, allowing N’Diaye to tap it in for the opener. Good grief.
  • HALFTIME: deep sigh
  • Second half has started with Liverpool on the offensive, but nothing has come of it yet.
  • Mane and Lallana nearly get there, but not quite.
  • Sturridge replaces Can, in what could only be an improvement. Still, it looks like the most Liverpool could hope for at this point is to share the points.
  • Goal Niasse 85’ - This is genuinely bleak.
  • FINAL THOUGHT: Well, this is a problem.

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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