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Winter Weather Could Postpone Merseyside Derby

Liverpool and Everton may have to wait to resume hostilities as a snow storm approaches the northwest.

British Sport Ravaged By Weather Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When the 229th Merseyside Derby was announced this summer, residents of Liverpool might have dreamed of either a Red or a Blue Christmas. One color no one wanted to see was a White Christmas, but that very well might be in the works tomorrow.

Forecasters are predicting heavy snowfall, starting around 5 AM local time and falling throughout the morning, though subsiding by kickoff. Accumulation of up to 8 inches (~20 cm), and gale force winds (39-54 mph/63-87 kmph) are expected tomorrow.

This forecast will not only impact the Merseyside Derby, but the Manchester Derby, set to take place almost immediately after the scheduled conclusion to Liverpool-Everton. At the moment, the Premier League is considering whether to postpone both matches. Although traveling supporters in both matches won’t have far to go, such extreme conditions will make even short trips difficult.

The underground heating under Anfield’s pitch should keep it free from snow, but it will likely make for sloppy conditions.

However, the congested December and January schedule could make it very difficult to find a replacement date anytime soon. The closest gap comes from January 5th (the FA Cup tie against Everton) to the 14th (where Liverpool host Manchester City), and again from the 14th to the 22nd (when Liverpool travel to Swansea). However, one of those dates might need to be utilized for an FA Cup replay. And the next gap after that, the 22nd to the 30th (away to Huddersfield) will be reserved for the 4th Round of the FA Cup.

If the matches are postponed, it would be a first time a match was delayed from inclement weather since 2010, when Liverpool’s home match against Tottenham was called-off, also due to snow.

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