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The Life and Times of the Liverpool FC Supporter (on Twitter)

Nobody goes from angry to ecstatic and back again like a Liverpool fan on social media.

Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Champion’s League Group Stage Match: 21 November 2017

Result: Sevilla 3 - 3 Liverpool

LFC Twitter aftermath
(the names have been removed to protect our fans from one another)


  • Moreno secretly loves Sevilla. Plus, where did an extra 4 minutes come from?
  • My heart…I literally cannot take this anymore! Terrible, terrible performance second half, it’s as though we never left the dressing room. FFS!!!!
  • Where is the leadership in our team? Utterly pathetic from all involved. Why do I still support you LFC? All you do is make me cry.
  • We are utterly shite at the back. Abysmal in fact. Absolute joke team in every competition since always. Same old Liverpool.

Me: Well, I at least got to write an article about it.

Champion’s League Group Stage Match: 6 December 2017

Result: Liverpool 7 – 0 Spartak Moskva

LFC Twitter aftermath
(the names have been removed to protect our fans from one another but yeah they’re totally the same as above)


  • What a great game! 4 in the kop end doesn’t get any better. Well Done lads!
  • Got called deluded and over-confident for predicting 6 goals pre-match… Where you at?
  • Don’t you just love the feeling when you wake up the morning after a Liverpool win!
  • Wow, what an unbelievable run of results since Spurs game!! Back to being the Rampant Reds… Still absolutely buzzing!!


Right, then! On to the next one against Everton—I’ve heard that’s Scouse for awful (or horrific, woeful, abysmal… I could go on but we might be here all night!). So, up the Reds!

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