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Watch: Reds Take Part in Terrible Joke-Off

I have no words for how terrible these jokes are.

Liverpool UEFA Europa League Cup Final Media Day Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

‘Tis the season to make Liverpool players tell bad jokes to each other in the hopes that we forget about:

  • The Champions League knockout stages draw on Monday,
  • How close we’re creeping to the January transfer window and yet more Barcelona drama, and
  • Every other massive problem that refuses to go away when we bury our heads into our pillows and scream.

Anyway. The players paired off and tried to make each other laugh with some of the worst jokes ever written (“What does Santa eat for breakfast?” “Snowflakes.”). Each time they managed to make the other person laugh, they secured a point. The person who managed to keep a straight face (or a truly befuddled one, in the case of Firmino and Matip with some of these zingers) the longest won.

For the record, I’m still giggling a bit about “Coutinho-ho-ho.”

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