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Jamie Carragher Says Good Things About Klopp

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The former Red is in a good mood and he’s being vocal about it.

West Ham United v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Look, it’s happened rarely enough this season that we could probably mark our calendars with “That Time Carra Didn’t Blame Klopp For Stuff.” Or maybe it’s just been a few good games and, with Liverpool back in top four, Carragher feels relaxed enough to slip back into the role of pundit instead of Angry Liverpool Fan #342.

"[Liverpool are] in very good shape,” Carragher told Super Sunday this weekend. "Liverpool are devastating going forward with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino now getting a lot more goals.”

"The Champions League match in midweek [against Spartak Moscow] and Everton fixture are huge fixtures for Liverpool. It's another huge midweek and weekend for Liverpool.”

Carragher has spent a lot of time annoyed about the way Klopp has managed his line-ups and substitutions this year (which, to be fair, has been a sore point for a lot of us over the past few months) so it’s good to see him talk about the way Klopp has been rotating players and what’s he’s getting right.

"January was a bit of a nightmare for Liverpool last season because of injuries, a loss of form, and Sadio Mane going away,” Carragher added. “But this year he is rotating it much more — he's changing five or six players each game. That's not easy to get it right and it leaves you open to massive criticism.”

"He's getting it right now — changing players at the right time. He's got a bench now which looks like a bench a top club should have — he didn't have that last season. Hopefully you'll see Liverpool get through this period."

Hopefully Carragher’s upbeat analysis will continue, both with Spartak Moscow on Wednesday and Sam Allardyce’s Everton on Sunday.