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Watch: Three Liverpool Players Take In Some Mini-Golf, Hijinks Ensue

What is “Ghetto Golf,” anyway?

Look, when it comes to online content there are some things that will get me to click every single time. One of them is Liverpool Players Out On Friend Dates.

The club posted this fun video earlier today featuring Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, and Alberto Moreno all taking in an evening of mini-golf. The setting is Ghetto Golf in downtown Liverpool and... ok well, first, I have no idea what “ghetto golf” actually is. It looks like it’s just mini-golf but with graffiti? I don’t know, someone is going to have to explain this to me. Feel free to clue me in in the comments.

So anyway, these three dorks strap on some GoPro cameras and try (and often fail) to hit a ball into a hole with a small club. Coutinho gets his ball stuck early on. They lose track of the score. Roberto Firmino wears some weird fuzzy slipper things. It’s a real trip!

I won’t spoil the result for you. I’ll just say that the ultimate winner isn’t necessarily who you might’ve pegged at the start.

In conclusion, I’ve just added Play Mini-Golf With Liverpool Players to my bucket list. Thanks for reading.

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