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WATCH: Jürgen Klopp Lashes Out At Sky Sports Reporter (Then Apologizes)

Immediately following the match, Jürgen had some shade to spread and then felt bad about it and apologized.

Liverpool FC Training and Press Conference Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s no secret how Jürgen Klopp was feeling after Liverpool drew to Everton during the 229th Merseyside Derby on Sunday. Unfortunately, a poor Sky Sports reporter by the name of Pat Davison caught the brunt of his disappointment and frustration immediately following the match. The interview is increasingly awkward as Klopp’s feelings of upset become clear, although not a single person can blame him, really.

Klopp has always been praised for his passionate and candid responses to anything that’s been given to him and this can be counted as no exception. When faced with cameras and reporters after feeling slighted during a match that by every right you probably should’ve won, a candid person is probably going to be honest in a way that might not be pretty. Although quickly and clearly ready to get out of there, Klopp did apologize at the end.

Also to his credit, Pat Davison later tweeted regarding the interview - just don’t go reading the responses to it.

Whether or not you agree with that assessment is up to you but this kind of behaviour from the intrepid boss is nothing to balk at. If anything, it’s almost refreshing to know that he’s still feeling the same feelings many of us are. As if that were in any doubt though.

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