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Mignolet Dishes On Team Superlatives and Why Mané Keeps Getting Fined

Simon Mignolet spills the beans about his teammates.

Sevilla FC v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Being a professional athlete must be a strange business. So much daily scrutiny into their lifestyle, their workout regiment, their diet. Their employers and fans alike all have an opinion.

Jürgen Klopp and the Liverpool medical staff have begun making the players chart how much sleep they got the night before, via an app on their phones, in order to keep track of their sleep patterns.

Simon Mignolet spoke about this, and also revealed the two players who have had the most trouble complying with the rule: Sadio Mané and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

"I’d say Sadio Mané and Trent Alexander-Arnold have been fined the most over the previous months," Mignolet told Sky Sports during a fluffy interview where the Liverpool goalkeeper discussed other team superlatives.

"We have to fill in an app every morning to say how much sleep we had, how good we feel before every training, and they keep forgetting.

"They ask how long you’ve slept, the quality of how you sleep, how you feel, whether you have stiffness or not."

Other entertaining answers included that Danny Ings was the messiest and Jon Flanagan was the funniest — though Mignolet might be setting a low bar there if his example is anything to go by:

“For instance, after Halloween, he asked a few of the boys why they've still got their mask on.” Maybe you had to be there.

Speaking of low bars, Gini Wijnaldum was pegged by Mignolet as the biggest geek — because he once saw him reading a book. Whoa. Slow down, Poindexter.

Other more obvious answers: Salah and Mane are the quickest, while Milner and Hendo are the players most likely to become managers after they retire, and Sturridge is the best dancer.

And the most obvious answer of all? Biggest teacher’s pet:

“Adam Lallana. And I think he knows it himself as well!”

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