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Michael Owen Credits Karim Benzema With Helping Man Utd Move

The one-time Liverpool wunderkind was soooo grateful to the Real Madrid striker for unknowingly facilitating a transfer to his former side’s hated rivals.

Leaders Sport Performance Summit - Day One
Michael Owen quite literally at a conference on hamstring injuries. Petty? Yes, petty
Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images

No one has arguably tried harder to lose a job than Michael Owen has his title of Liverpool “Global Ambassador.” The former Reds striker became one of the handful of players to cross the divide between Anfield and Manchester United when he made the move in 2009 by way of Real Madrid and has been consistently drawing the ire of Liverpool fans ever since.

Speaking with French TV channel, Canal+, Owen shed new light on how a transfer struggle between United and Madrid over the then-Lyon star Karim Benzema indirectly impacted the Liverpool academy product’s own move:

“I’ve got a lot to thank [Benzema] for, he might not know. I wouldn’t have gone to Manchester United if it wasn’t for Benzema, because I think Manchester United wanted to buy Benzema,” Owen admitted, managing to say both ‘Benzema’ and ‘Manchester United’ twice over the span of three seconds.

“He chose Real Madrid and I was told by Sir Alex Ferguson that ‘We want Benzema, but if Benzema doesn’t come then you’re coming,’” the former Ballon D’Or winner—displaying a slightly reptilian sheen—continued, gleefully recounting his memory as the backup plan:

“I was pleading with Benzema to go to Real Madrid. So thank you to him.”

Congratulations are in order, as Owen managed to engender even more ill will from Liverpool fans than previously thought possible while somehow proving himself more of a snake than a man accused of blackmailing his international teammate with a sex tape.

Impressive, that.

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