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This Is Your Official Gini Wijnaldum Appreciation Post

The Liverpool midfielder turns 27 today!

Liverpool v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Today is a glorious day, my friends. Today is Georginio Wijnaldum’s birthday.

The Dutch international and confirmed cinnamon roll turns 27 today. To celebrate, we’ve put together this Official Appreciation Post.

First of all, let’s just all appreciate what an incredible smile he has.

Good Evening Friends

A post shared by Gini Wijnaldum (@gwijnaldum) on

A post shared by Gini Wijnaldum (@gwijnaldum) on

Gini Wijnaldum loves his family. Here he is wishing his brother a happy birthday.

Gefeliciteerd broertje met je 25ste verjaardag ❤️

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He also really loves his grandmother.

Did I mention his kids are adorable?

Happy birthday to my little princess Aysïa-Mae ❤️

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Here’s how he announced the birth of his youngest.

What a day! #Blessed

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Remember when he and Philippe Coutinho took on like 30 academy kids?

Gini’s great with kids.

Then there was that time when he bought football boots for an 11-year-old fan. Just because!

"We went into the Adidas store and Paddy just went and bought a pair of skinny pants, and of course being a typical Irish mammy, I went 'come on so' because he would stay looking at soccer stuff all day if you let him," Louise told Ray D'Arcy on RTE Radio 1 on Monday.

"I was like 'come on, come on' and so we came out of the shop and he said 'I got a selfie with him' and I was like 'oh brilliant' and he said they started chatting about the soccer boots.

"He said to Paddy 'do you like those boots?' And Paddy said 'I do'.

"He said 'what size are you?' and he said 'size five' and he was like 'why don't you buy them?' And Paddy was like 'they're so expensive'.

"At that stage I had called him and we left the store and Paddy was telling me this and we walked out into the city and we literally just looked behind and the lady from the store had ran after us and she said 'listen, can you come back to the store? He wants to buy Paddy the boots'."

Wijnaldum has a history of surprise gestures for fans.

Oh and: he loves his teammates.

Top lad

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A post shared by Gini Wijnaldum (@gwijnaldum) on

Have fun. Work hard #preseason

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Happy Birthday, Gini! We hope you get two of every good thing for your next trip around the sun. YNWA!

A post shared by Gini Wijnaldum (@gwijnaldum) on

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