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Tottenham 4, Liverpool 1: Is This Karma? Or Is It Worse?

It’s probably worse.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Where do you start?

How does one get their bearings when the tables have been turned so quickly, so massively, that you immediately see your weaknesses picked apart like carrion?

We knew going into this it was going to be difficult. Tottenham are always a team to beat and while we usually do, they’ve only gotten better while we’ve been stagnant and lucky to take whatever good result we can force.

Spurs were the team we wanted to be, the team we should be. The team we were once upon a time.

This may be the second loss of the season, but it feels like the fiftieth. The five hundredth. Goals that were handed to the Spurs on a silver platter, offered as easily as birthday presents. That moment when five minutes in, Harry Kane strikes first blood and you think, “oh, this is how today is going to go.”

Loss is to be expected in this game. With it being one of three outcomes, you can’t win them all the time. At this point though, one has to ask if Liverpool are even trying to win. Or rather, if they are trying to win, are they actively trying to keep the other team from winning, because we’ve seen they are apparently incapable of doing both at the same time. Dejan Lovren is incapable of keeping the ball from the other team, of getting rid of it when it won’t be flashy and gain him praise, of saving our asses.

At first I kept thinking, “were Spurs just really very good today?” Was it our turn (again) to be made dunces of? After a heartening performance against United and a riotous one against Maribor earlier in the week, there was confidence there. A chance to thrive and be better and push and make up for the poor last month.

Then someone decided it was Spurs Day and Liverpool owed them the four goals they took last season. Personally signed by Dejan Lovren, Simon Mignolet, and Joel Matip.

Today was poor. Nightmarish. Oh yes, this is what it feels like to the other teams when we run all over them. Got it.

The problem, as always, is where do we go from here? How do we fix these issues? Has Klopp finally lost all confidence in Lovren after unceremoniously pulling him off at the half hour mark? Are any of our current CBs any better? He seems to still think they are, that we still don’t need another one. Maybe that’s true, considering Tottenham were able to score twice more after Lovren had been taken off.

Where are the issues, really? No one is truly exempt from today’s poor showing. That’s all there can be said. Liverpool lost. Maybe it was our time.

How do you accept that? More importantly, how do they keep it from happening again?

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