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This Is Your Official Danny Ings’ New Puppy Appreciation Post

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Danny Ings got some new puppers and they are a couple of fluffy cinnamon rolls

Danny Ings’ new puppy!
Via the Liverpool Echo

If you love Liverpool and/or representative democracy, this was a rough weekend for you. When dealing with troubling events, self-care is very important.

With that in mind, here is a GIF of Danny Ings’ new dog giving her human a high-five.

Ings and his partner Georgia welcomed two Goldendoodle puppies into their home last month and subsequently named them Lewie and Daisy. It’s unclear who was the one that gave Danny the high-five, but the be-kerchiefed pupper was quite possibly the best story to come out of Anfield this week. (And that’s really saying something.)

I’m just saying, there are worse ways to recover from a bad knee injury than by posting dog pics on social media.

Christmas films with daisy snoring!! @georgiagibbs_

A photo posted by Ingzi (@ingstagram10) on

A photo posted by Ingzi (@ingstagram10) on