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Klopp Seeking Legal Advice Over Matip Row

The Liverpool boss is preparing to dig in as the conflict between Liverpool, FIFA and the Cameroon national team continues to escalate.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

That FIFA as an organization is dysfunctionally out-of-touch, is, at this point, virtually axiomatic. However the news that one of football’s biggest and most marketable stars in Jurgen Klopp is now having to consult lawyers because the sport’s global body is unable to decide whether Liverpool star, Joel Matip broke one of their rules in retiring from international duty has the situation now bordering on farcical.

"Of course I need advice,” Klopp said to British newspapers on Tuesday. “I'm not a lawyer, but the decision is for me to make.

"I could put him in the line-up, I don't think referee is going to say ‘stop, stop, you cannot go on the pitch'.

"We have had a lot of talks over the days and weeks. We've done transfers quicker than this.

"It's already long-term, but now it's getting really tense on our side. We've tried everything, but at the end I have to make the decision."

Liverpool now risks expulsion from the FA Cup as Klopp has reportedly tired of FIFA’s indecision and is currently considering playing the 25-year-old in Wednesday’s second leg tie with Plymouth Argyle. The Reds then go on to play Swansea City at Anfield on Saturday to continue their league push in a tightening title race.

On the other hand, playing it safe and not fielding the increasingly-vital center half to avoid as drastic a censure as docked points in the league could see the uncertainty surrounding the situation indirectly causing Matip to miss as many as eight games.

The fact that the club only just went through this exact kind of dithering with the botched UEFA drug suspension on Mamadou Sakho less than a year ago makes the whole situation all the more frustrating for Liverpool fans.

"That's the next thing, we don't know," Klopp said. “Most of the time in life you know if you do this, then you get this. But it's not 100% clear what happens."

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