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Jamie Carragher Predicts “Great Game” Between Liverpool and Manchester United

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The former Liverpool defender thinks Jose Mourinho will push his side to attack on Sunday.

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

When Liverpool faced Manchester United on October 17th, there was a whole lot of pre-match build up. With the Reds off to an excellent start to the campaign, fans hoped for a thrilling clash.

Instead, viewers endured one of the dullest contests of the season, as Manchester United sat back and played for a draw. Neither side created many chances, and Liverpool settled for a disappointing point.

Despite that drab affair, Sunday’s rematch between the rivals has garnered plenty of hype. After all, it’s still Liverpool and United, a combination that has produced plenty of fireworks over the years.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes fans will see a much better show this time around, with Jose Mourinho more willing to send his men forward.

"[Manchester United] are at home and also [Jose Mourinho] now knows his best team and they are playing well,” Carragher said. "There’s no way that he would set up to stifle Liverpool under that scenario. I expect Manchester United to take the game to Liverpool and that’s one of the reasons why it should make a great game."

His assessment makes sense considering the strong form Manchester United are in at the moment. While Liverpool have suffered a dry spell over the past couple of weeks, perhaps the big occasion can push them to be at their best.