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Lucas Confident Liverpool Can Be Successful

Lucas Leiva speaks about the depth of our squad and the beginning of the season.

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Liverpool Training Session - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Lucas Leiva has been with the club a long time. Since signing with Liverpool in 2007, he’s seen a lot of players come and go, and more than a couple of managers. Despite the consistent rumors of his impeding departure, he’s stuck around, and has seen a lot of stuff because of it. So when he speaks up about the club and players, one can’t help but take notice. Especially when he says that the Reds have the quality to be successful this campaign.

“I think it’s clear that we have very good players in every single position - and not just one good player, I would say we have two teams you could put out to get you results,” the Brazilian said to the club website. “Of course the Premier League is very difficult, but I think the squad we have, with the new players who have made us stronger - hopefully it’s going to be a very good season for the club.”

Leiva, who recently returned to full fitness following a hamstring injury that kept him from the beginning of the season, gave an assessment of the squad and the first few matches of the season. The midfielder will be starting his 10th season in a Red shirt this year, and hoping to make the sort of contributions we know him for.

“I think it’s an OK beginning. We’ve played three games away from home in a row, and against two teams who will challenge for the top four and the title, so it’s not bad. But we need to get points and win games in a row as soon as possible because we want to be higher in the table.

“I’m really looking forward to the new season and hopefully it’ll be a good one for me personally.”

With Can injured and more questions than confident answers surrounding the left back position, Lucas is thankfully now available to hopefully make a place for himself, at least for the time being.

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