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Emre Can: The Zero Man

Liverpool’s Emre Can knows he must work his way back up the midfield ranks.

AS Roma v Liverpool FC Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

It hasn’t all gone to plan for Emre Can. Liverpool’s number twenty-three turned a slow start to the season while regaining his fitness into a sudden stop after coming off against Burton Albion in August. It was that ankle and he was out for a month. Now he’s missed out on all the great moments we’ve seen from the team these passed weeks. Emre’s missed out on all the fun. And not only that, but when he’s fit and ready to go he now has a bigger fight on his hands to get back into the eleven.

“Every player has to start form zero,” said Can, “myself as well. Now I am back I want to stay healthy and show myself again when I get game time and also in training.”

The negatives here are rooted in what’s already been done. The injury. The time served. It’s the past. And Emre will be glad to see it behind him. The positives are in what lies ahead for the fashionable German. He, certainly, has the great luck of being plugged right into a team that’s running on high voltage.

“Adam, Hendo and Gini have played well together,” he said. “You can see by the results and the good football. I saw it as well myself and I was very happy for them.”

Can was given a half hour in the match against Derby County on Tuesday. And that should put him in good stead for some league minutes at the weekend. But chances are good that Klopp doesn’t willingly change out anyone from his on-form midfield. Because there’s magic happening out there lately.

The team has a tremendous mojo working right now. It’s heavy and it’s saucy and it makes people happy. And I’ve just described Emre Can. The supporters at the grounds are all lively again. The whole Liverpool thing, it’s electric right now. You’ve got to get out there, Emre. All eyes are on this team this season. We’re contenders. We’re worrying other teams again. We’re seeing our players do some extraordinary things. We’re seeing players turn into stars under Jürgen Klopp. And the world is taking note of the mouthwatering possibilities for Liverpool Football Club.

Or, it’s just more fun to experience a match when I’m not watching through my fingertips nearly as often. Can agrees.

“We’re in a good moment now,” he said, “and the new players have settled in very well so we have to keep it up.

“We have confidence. The atmosphere is good in the dressing room and everyone is happy.”

Sounds to me like somebody stole my recipe for mojo.

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