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Youngster Ejaria Continues Earning Praise At Liverpool

Academy coach, Michael Beale, is gushing over the continuing rise of the Liverpool teenager.

International Champions Cup 2016 - Chelsea v Liverpool Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Liverpool youngster and preseason stand-out prospect, Ovie Ejaria, is earning high praise from Academy coach, Michael Beale. The 18-year-old, attacking midfielder went out with a groin injury while on tour with the team in America, But, now, he is back in the game after a month in recovery and the small set-back has apparently done little to slow the player down.

Last week, Ejaria played for the under-23s in a 3-1 victory over Arsenal and has wasted no time assuring everyone that he has the potential and desire to excel and advance to the level of Liverpool’s first team.

Beale has a history with Ejaria from their London days. The two crossed paths at the development centre at Chelsea starting when Ovie was a boy. Beale remembers the youth prospect with all the footballing promise that he used to drive to his Sunday League training.

“Even at that age you could see what unbelievable technical ability he had,” said Beale. “Now, he’s starting to show that and I’m so pleased for him. This summer he opened everyone’s eyes to his potential.”

The win over Arsenal was perhaps even sweeter for Ejaria after having been released by the London club two years ago before joining Liverpool. And Beale believes that there’s no better place for Ejaria to improve and that the opportunity to work under Jürgen Klopp is second to none and gives the boy “real hope” to achieve something.

“It was a fantastic move for him to come to Liverpool,” said Beale. “It wasn’t easy for a young boy leaving his family but, wow, he’s done well.

“He always had talent but now we’re seeing tackles and real aggression in his game. Let’s keep our feet on the floor and see how much work we can do behind the scenes to get him into our first team.”

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