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Robbie Fowler Eager To Work In The “Golden Age Of Managers”

Robbie Fowler mentions working towards getting his manager’s badges, hopes to shadow the likes of Klopp and Guardiola.

Barclays Premier League 'Live' - Mumbai Photo by Pal Pillai/Getty Images for Premier League

There’s something comforting in finding out a former player is going for their manager’s badges. Steven Gerrard has mentioned it in passing a couple times, as has Jamie Carragher. After all, Liverpool benefited from having one of the best player-managers in the world with Kenny Dalglish. A Liverpool player moving on to manager in some capacity just seems right. Comfortable, regardless of whether or not it comes to any fruition.

In no shocking development, Robbie Fowler mentioned in his column for the Sunday Mirror that he’s also going for his pro badges, “desperate to get back into the business in some capacity, and I’d give anything for the chance to learn from one of them, to get close up and observe their methods.”

Of course the ‘them’ he’s speaking of is the glut of talented managers that the Premier League has amassed recently. More than ever this season is a season of managers, with the likes of Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte joining the company of Klopp, Wenger, and (though this writer is loathe to admit it) Mourinho. Every manager bringing their unique philosophy to their clubs, a new edge to every match.

“A few years ago, things had got stale in England, so it’s good to see some big, big players now translating their skills into management. Guys who had real ideas about playing, and are now able to put those ideas into practice.

“Maybe we’re going to have to rethink the myth that top players don’t make top managers, given what the likes of Conte, ­Guardiola and Koeman have done, and Pochettino to an extent. Maybe there’s hope for me as a coach yet.”

If a prolific player the likes of Fowler could get the chance to shadow any of these high profile names and soak up some of their knowledge, one can only hope that he’s able to bring some of it back to us.

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