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You’ll want to watch this Jordan Henderson goal on loop forever

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HENDO! The captain, Jordan Henderson, has scored an absolutely amazing goal to give Liverpool a 2-0 lead over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. In what is likely the best goal of his career so far, the midfielder received the ball at the top of the box from about 30 yards out and did this:

USA only. Non USA viewers click here.

You won’t see many goals better than this one in any league in the world. The accuracy and technique required to pull off something like that is top level. Hendo is more known for arriving late in the box and finishing off plays. Rarely do you see him strike them from that type of distance.

Thankfully he was confident enough to try it from there and it came off to perfection. Thibaut Courtois is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and stood no absolutely no chance at all of stopping that shot. You’ll be able to see it on highlight reels for the rest of his career.