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Gerrard: “Liverpool Is in My Heart”

As retirement nears, Steven Gerrard insists while his heart remains with Liverpool, a coaching job isn’t in the works.

Stoke City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Almost as soon as he became a Liverpool legend on the pitch, fans began to ask whether Steven Gerrard would look to turn that into a role off the pitch as a coach when he eventually hung up his boots. As his career has begun to near its end, those questions have only increased.

The former Liverpool captain is expected to retire at the end of the current MLS season, but as yet he hasn’t decided what comes next. Whatever does, though, Gerrard says it’s not likely to involve Liverpool. At least not at first. Though one day, eventually, anything is possible.

“Jurgen Klopp’s his own man, he’s got his own team of people around him that he’s happy with,” said Gerrard when asked about the chance he could return to Liverpool as a coach in a few months. “Liverpool is in my heart and always will be but there’s nothing to really comment on.

“There’s no future decision to work with Klopp. I get on very well with him, we’re in contact but there’s no job opportunity there at the moment. There’s nothing for me to really say on the matter. I’m a big fan of him, I hope he brings success back to Liverpool next season.”

Despite the denial, some Liverpool fans will likely go on thinking he’ll end up at Liverpool as a coach the day he retires. Gerrard, though, says that isn’t in the works—and if it was in the works, he wouldn’t be keeping it under wraps and pretending nothing was going on.

“if I had something to say, I wouldn’t keep the supporters waiting,” Gerrard insisted. “I’m not the type of person that would keep something like that under my hat and wait and delay. There’s absolutely nothing to say on my future beyond this MLS season.

“What I can say is the phone’s going, and people are enquiring ‘what is the next move' and I am chewing over a lot of different things in my head but there’s nothing to announce at the moment.”

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