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Carra Tips Liverpool For A Return to Top 4 (Maybe)

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher likes Liverpool’s chances of making it into next year’s Champions League.

England U17 v Germany U17 Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

If there’s one question that Jürgen Klopp hates more than endless transfer speculation, it’s probably the endless Top 4 speculation. On more than a few occasions last season the Anfield boss invited reporters to look at the table and tell him about Liverpool’s Champions League ambitions.

But, reporters are reporters, and reporters have one of two things on their mind concerning Liverpool Football Club: transfers and Champions League. I’m so sorry, Jürgen. If you let TLO ask questions we promise we’d never ask you about either, instead focusing on important issues such as your stance on sour cream on tacos, and your thoughts on the recent top-knot epidemic at Liverpool.

Anyway, Jamie Carragher waded into the fray with his own speculation about this season’s Top 4.

“I think we go back to the norm,” Carra told “I know Leicester fans may not like me to say that. But I think the heavyweights will come back. I’d expect the top four to consist of Man City, Man United, Chelsea and I think Liverpool might get in there.

“I think the fact that Liverpool have got no European football, the same as Chelsea, is a massive advantage they have on the others.”

Sorry Arsenal, no fourth place trophy this year. Also, I’d like to know what this “norm” is where Liverpool are a regular Top 4 team. It’s been far too long.

Even if we take Carragher’s comments as optimistically as possible, Liverpool clearly need to do much more to convince the former defender of their Champions League credentials. A couple of wins against Leicester and Chelsea on the flip side of the international break would likely go a long way.

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