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Klopp Talk: "We Have to Trust Our Style of Play"

Speaking to the club after the 4-0 defeat to Mainz, Jürgen Klopp tries to remain the (grounded) optimist.

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The morning started off rough for many of us. An early Sunday kickoff leading to a mess of a game. The inevitable low after the high of the win on Saturday. Liverpool traveled to Mainz almost immediately after their thrashing of Barcelona at Wembley only to receive the same thrashing for themselves.

"It's a very important lesson for us. If it's hard - and there will be some hard moments this season - we have to trust our style of play, our philosophy and all of the things we usually do," Klopp said in speaking to the club website after the 4-0 defeat to his own former club. "Such as how we want to defend, final organization and if you lose organization in a moment, that can happen; find it back again and use it, do not suffer under it."

A lesson that has been plaguing Liverpool for ages, it seems, as their own mentalities during matches has seemed to be their downfall time and again. While the scoreline may not reflect it, there were still good qualities to be seen this weekend in probably the toughest schedule of matches the team will have to face all season.

"Until now we did a really good job. But in moments like this today, we need to find other solutions than we found. This work will never stop," the boss added. Happy to acknowledge the good with the bad, and a lesson far from mastered for our lads in red.

The phrase applies as always: We go again.

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