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Emre Can Targets Titles and a Leadership Role

This young German midfielder is on fire.

Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final: Second Leg Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Emre Can is in the building everyone. We know because the whole place is aflutter with electric blushes. Top to bottom. East to West. Buzzing. And those innocent crushes are bringing the works. We’re talking about photographers, purveyors of fine hair gels and the good folks with cameras and microphones.

Listen here as the young, German midfield hero speaks on improvement and quite effortlessly reveals his leadership ambitions at Liverpool Football Club.

“I have played a lot of games for Liverpool now,” says Can, “and know I am still young but I have to show it on the pitch now. I can say I am a leader but you have to show it.

“Of course, we have other leaders like Hendo or Milner. We all want to do it. I am like that. I want to be the one pushing the team on, of course. As I said I want to show that to everyone.

“I have played plenty of games, I have played in the semi of the Euros and I am confident enough to say I want to got for it, I want to push the team on.”

Ambition. Exclamation points.

And there’s a great many fans who have had enough of a look at Emre Can to believe that he is the man to lead this team for the next stretch. And while the young dynamo is obviously hearing that praise, he’s quick to acknowledge The Big Captain himself, Steven Gerrard, and also to step aside of any likening to the man who was once at the very heartbeat of the city.

“That’s of course a big, big honor,” speaking on Gerrard comparisons,” I have a lot of respect for him but I am far off that level he played for Liverpool. I have to go my own way, be Emre Can.

“I met him in Los Angles, we have stayed in touch.” (I know, it’s Stevie. But beware fast friends, Emre. Don’t get hurt.)

Emre Can is undoubtably a player who must feel as if his whole thing is taking off in a major way. He’s gone with Germany to the Euros. He’s had a solid match in the semifinal of a major tournament. And he’s back with his team after a solid showing last season, ready to take on all comers.

“You feel great to play in big games like that,” remarking on the semifinal, “it’s what you work for, so my confidence is high. We have a very good team and we will see next season what it is but that target has to be to win titles. If you play for Liverpool the target always has to be winning titles and it will be the same next season.”

Emre Can is likely to be a constant figure in this Liverpool team next season. Jürgen Klopp definitely, for surely, likes him. And Can appreciates what a gift he’s received with the arrival of the most passionate man in football.

“Everyone knows my relationship with Klopp is very, very good,” he says. “One of the best in the world for me. I think I took a step forward when he came and want to do that again.”

A very prudent young man, is Emre Can. By all means, sir, do that again.

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