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Rumor Mongering: Klopp Back in For Brazilian Star Striker

The most ridiculous day of the silliest season is almost here, you guys.

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15
So I know at least one of you...
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Apparently we need more strikers. As if there aren’t already selection headaches in attack, Jürgen Klopp is rumored to have an interest in adding to his striking options with a bid for recent Olympic gold winner, Luan. £30m is said to be the price tag slapped on the Gremio youngster as the summer transfer window winds down, after his exploits in Rio for winners Brazil earned the young striker plaudits.

Gremio, for some reason, have vociferously sought to quash the links to Anfield as spread by the Brazilian papers. The club’s president, Romildo Bolzan, has insisted that a Liverpool offer has yet to be even tabled for the 23-year old:

There was nothing about Luan. Really nothing," he said. "But I want to admit here that there are so many talks that I think that outside of Gremio there’s something.

"But to Gremio, who are the definer of the business, who will decide if the player leaves, if we accept the price of transaction, who own 70% of his economic rights, to Grêmio absolutely nothing has arrived.

An interpretation of that confusingly-translated quote of course being that there have possibly been talks, but not an actual concrete offer as of yet. One knows at least that the South American club probably wouldn’t turn down the money.

Caption this...

A photo posted by Daniel Sturridge - Dstudge (@iamdanielsturridge) on

As a fan, one would generally do best to trust the transfer judgment of the two-time Bundesliga winner and Champions League finalist calling the transfer shots, but this one still seems rather odd, even if only from the perspective of there being other, more pressing squad priorities. That being said, one never knows if maybe the German has spotted a Suarez-like, once-in-a-generation talent that needs to be snapped up post haste. We should be able to tell for sure after cursory analysis of a few YouTube highlight videos. Here’s one:

It’s hard to imagine that Daniel Sturridge’s disposition would improve at the prospect of more competition. Either way, Deadline Day approacheth, and reporters must continue to capitalize on the anxieties of nervous fans in the competition to harvest all of the clicks. A happy Journo Black Friday’s Eve to you all.

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