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Rumor Mongering: Liverpool Considering Fuchs

Despite Klopp’s statements to the contrary, Liverpool allegedly seek a left back.

Hull City v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

With only three days left in the transfer window, various media outlets are making sure to generate those clicks, and as a result, Liverpool reportedly are interested in bringing Christian Fuchs in to replace Alberto Moreno and our very own Swiss army knife, James Milner, at left back.

The story rests its rationale on the fact Fuchs is one of the few stalwarts from Leicester’s title winning side yet to sign a new deal, and his current contract expires at the end of 2016/17. Presuming Leicester are looking to extend Fuchs’ contract, which may not be the case, the Austrian international also happens to be 30 and might be holding out for wages Leicester are not willing to commit to an aging (albeit competent) footballer.

Given Klopp’s statements not a day ago, which pretty clearly denied any interest in bringing in a dedicated left back to replace or challenge Moreno, it seems unlikely this rumor is anything but Fuchs’ agent or other representative angling for leverage in contract negotiations.

That Mahrez and Vardy appear to be staying, coupled with the defending champions losing only one true star from last year’s team, namely N’Golo Kante, it seems unlikely Fuchs would be available for purchase, let alone be seeking anything more than a raise, which one would assume Leicester can afford after receiving their slice of the Premier League’s television revenue.

Further undermining the veracity of this rumor is Fuchs’ age and cost, the latter of which is presumably a lot more than whatever the Reds paid for Klavan, and the former not in keeping with Klopp’s and FSG’s stated desire to develop young talent.

That club-linked reporters made clear Liverpool actually were (and presumably still are) interested in Leicester’s Ben Chilwell arguably renders this rumor near absurd, though perhaps one could argue that Leicester are willing to move Fuchs because they believe Chilwell is ready to assume first team duties week in, week out. That, of course, is belied by the fact Chilwell has yet to see the pitch this season and hardly played during last year’s title winning campaign.

That Liverpool’s fans have been screaming for a left back is no secret, so whether this is a baseless report of the [insert LB] + [link to Liverpool] variety or something fed from an agent to a reporter is not clear, but it’s likely one or the other.

Three days left. Things might get interesting in the league at large, but to this writer, it appears Klopp is done shopping.

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