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Tottenham 1, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

Liverpool manage to give a cheap equalizer and forfeit two points despite encouraging display.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Totteham 1 Rose 72’
Liverpool 1 Milner 43’’

  • Ready for kickoff after what may have been a sleepless night for many Reds. Spurs vs. Liverpool usually doesn’t produce goalless draws, so it’s a bloody mary and bagel with lox for this writer. Hold onto your butts.
  • Liverpool trot out a 4-3-3 and I want to throw up before the whistle is blown because it looks like a sieve.
  • I’m not sure how Coutinho missed that shot, which was from the corner of the six only four minutes in. Should be one nil.
  • Mignolet with a fantastic save immediately after Liverpool’s missed sitter from an Eriksen set piece on the right side of the box about ten yards from the byline.
  • Liverpool looking long and for the direct ball early; the away end is in voice; and my trepidation regarding the lineup appears ill-founded.
  • FIrmino is looking for Coutinho at every chance, and on 17 minutes Coutinho flashes wide from a Bobby Digital layoff.
  • Somehow Vorm manages to not concede a penalty just barely nicking the ball from Mane’s feet at the edge of the box. Manuel Neuer would be proud.
  • And again Vorm is off his line after Mane nearly gets behind enemy lines off a Spurs set piece by Liverpool’s box. Another perfectly timed sliding tackle saves a brilliant Liverpool break. We’re only 23 minutes in an my heart hurts.
  • A penalty shout on a Liverpool corner, but we get a talking to, rather than an acutal foul. Klopp lets the fourth official know he is not best pleased. Shortly thereafter, Coutinho misses from the corner of the six.
  • Alli had a wonderful chance from 16 yards out, but Liverpool’s defense block the shot, finally, and we’re only 30 minutes in. As I write this, Spurs have a pretty good penalty shout as Matip decides to hug Janssen after a ball is looped over the top at Mignolet.
  • (GOAL 43’) It’s been somewhat congested with no team threatening for real but Liverpool looking most likely then BAM: Penalty to Liverpool, which Milner slots home. Firmino drew the pen on the byline, and Liverpool are up one nil.
  • Halftime: We are pouring red wine at chez EJ and my Arsenal-supporting best friend is here to laugh at Spurs. Let’s keep it clean and get another two, Reds. Little of note from Spurs’ attack, but Fowler knows our defense can be dicey. Half time talks are occurring, and I would expect to see no changes from Liverpool. That Spurs bench is a host of folks I know nothing about, but would not be surprised to see at least one change. Liverpool had the run of play, but Spurs are dangerous. I’m legitimately surprised at the midfielding by our lovely Reds thus far, which has been stalwart and looking for the first-time ball over the top or through to our attack.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND my cable and internet crap out for three minutes. Back online just in time to see Liverpool gift possession from a throw deep in Spurs’ territory 48 minutes in.
  • Milner whips a fuckin beauty of a corner in on 51 minutes, which Matip puts against the top of the bar. There are not enough fucks.
  • FUCK - goal waived off for offside but I’m not so sure it was offside. At 55 minutes. Not sure he’s offside after seeing the replay. Get another, Reds. We should be up three nil.
  • Liverpool continue to press, and Spurs remain stagnant.
  • Alderwield puts a near post header on frame and Migs makes a ridiculous save on 65 minutes. Spurs are pressing for a goal. Liverpool need to show some intent.
  • Some pressure from Liverpool. We’re at 68 minutes and I want to throw up again.
  • SUB: Origi for Coutinho on 69.
  • GOAL: Rose 72’. A speculative cross into the box from the byline finds Rose unmarked off a Liverpool ricochet a little outside the six, and Danny Rose duly slots home past the hapless or helpless, depending on how you see him, Mignolet.
  • Whelp. All level and this just got a lot less fun. Matip just played Milner into touch, but Liverpool are looking to assert themselves.
  • We’re in squeaky bum time. Lovren with a nice cut out and Spurs resume attacking
  • SUB: Kane comes off for Onomah on 82 minutes, he of the boss hair cut, who instantly wins a corner.
  • Not much happening on the Liverpool attacking front; Spurs knocking on the door in the most metaphorical manner possible: e.g., punting balls forward but not doing much.
  • WIJNALDUM with a shot off Alderwield’s arms and into Vorm. A decent effort from 16 yards after a cut back from Firmino at the byline.
  • Lallana almost played in on goal with 92 minutes gone and Alderwield cuts it out brilliantly just as Adam shoots.
  • Two points lost, this is: Liverpool were value for money, and at the very least should’ve scored one more from Coutinho or had a penalty. An unfortunate, but encouring draw.
  • We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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