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Balotelli Linked To Yet Another Serie A Club

Bologna is the latest club whose manager weighed in on the possibility of a Balotelli transfer. Eventually one of these has to stick, right?

Why not him?
Why not him?
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

With Christian Benteke moved onto Crystal Palace last week, the only Liverpool player still looking for a forever home is Mario Balotelli. With his Italian citizenship and history in Serie A, it's no wonder that the 25-year-old has been linked with just about every team in Italy's top league.

The next one to get added to the list is Bologna, after manager Roberto Donadoni answered a question about the possibility of Balotelli plying his trade with them this season. He admitted he was open to the idea, but that it may not be feasible.

"Of course I would be okay with Balotelli joining the club," Donadoni said. "What is discussed behind closed doors and what is said publicly must remain behind closed doors. All I’ll say is that such a move is still far-fetched but I don’t hide the fact that big names are coveted by everyone and Mario is one of those players.

"The key thing is that anyone who comes here has to have the correct attitude and work rate for our team. If they don’t, then we can’t afford to have him. But if the player is available and shows that willingness to work, then he is certainly welcome here."

This marks the second summer in a row where Bologna have shown a lukewarm interest in the player. And while Donadoni uses the oft-repeated excuse of Balotelli's behavior being the biggest hurdle, much like last year, the real problem is likely Balotelli's wages. £90,000 per week may out-price a number of clubs.

Recently, the player has been linked to an interesting array of clubs and leagues, from Dutch giants Ajax to League One side Port Vale. In reality, the truth seems to be that no one really knows where Balotelli will end up, or indeed if he even will go anywhere by the end of the month.

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