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Burnley Pre-Match Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Turf Moor.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

1) Last year Liverpool beat newly promoted Bournemouth in the second game of the season after beating Stoke, thanks to a Philippe Coutinho wonder-strike. This year Liverpool travel to newly promoted Burnley after beating Arsenal, thanks (in part) to a Philippe Coutinho wonder-strike. Does history continue repeating itself, and do we continue our winning ways?

2) Will Alberto Moreno be replaced by James Milner at leftback?

3) What will we blame on Moreno this week? (Conceded goals? Climate Change? The Kennedy Assassination? Etc?)

4) Does Daniel Sturridge make an appearance? If so, is it as a starter or off the bench?

5) If Sadio Mané can't make the trip, who takes his place in the match day squad?

Bonus: Burnley are known as The Clarets because of their claret and light blue color scheme. This scheme was stolen from Aston Villa, and is also famously shared by West Ham. What color scheme do you think is the most over-utilized in sports and why?

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