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Klopp On Expectations and Champions League Places

Before Liverpool's season kicks off Jürgen Klopp opens up about winning and expectations.

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While fans and pundits alike are mulling over what Liverpool need to do to make the 2016-2017 season a success, Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp has said that no targets have been set in place by FSG as the season sets to kick off. A spot in next season's Champion's League would be seen as the best proof of continuing development by the team, but Klopp smartly has refused to pinpoint any particular milestone as a requirement.

"If I said today that the only position which could make me happy at the end of the season is first place that would be silly because there are a lot of challengers," Klopp said. "I really want to look back after the season and be really satisfied. At this stage I don’t have any idea what that could mean.

"It’s clear that winning every game would make me satisfied but if we did that I’d be too drunk to look back!"

About their opening day competition, Arsenal, Klopp had a few things to say.

"Finishing above Arsenal would be great but where that means we finish I have no idea because there are a lot of other teams who could be up there," he continued. "Arsenal are always in the Champions League. But in the Champions League they don’t go far enough and they haven’t won the league for a number of years, so even with success you can be disappointed.

"You have to be thankful for the things you get - that’s a very important thing in life.

"Would I be thankful for a Champions League place? I don’t know. It would be great as we haven’t played Champions League for two years. But I’m not sure yet whether I would be satisfied."

It seems that the new season brings out the philosopher in Klopp. When asked about where he thinks about the business the other teams did this summer and their chances, he appears to have learned from experience that it never helps to think about them.

"Focusing on your own way means not thinking much about the other teams. The only other team we need to think about is our next opponent. The rest can do what they want. Maybe a team will win all their games this season but it’s unlikely. The important thing is to be focused on your own situation. The earliest moment when it’s allowed to have a view on the table is four or five games before the end. Then you think ‘maybe this could happen’.

"When I first became champion with Dortmund, I told everyone I wasn’t interested in other results but I was sat in front of the TV watching Leverkusen thinking ‘lose, lose’. It doesn’t help."

Good advice from the manager, though it's doubtful any fan will heed it as the season wears on.

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