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Everything's the Worst: A Fresh Start Edition

A fresh start is one of the most compelling concepts for human beings, and for Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp offers just that ahead of his first full season at the club.

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What is the real thing? People often talk about finding it in various areas of life. This is not an attempt to strike at some form of profundity or make the obvious seem unerringly unique. It's difficult to quantify and measure until it actually arrives. The concept and understanding of it seems simple enough, but to experience it is altogether different.

For FSG, their approach to the ownership of a club has essentially centred on a talismanic and principled figure with an attractive footballing philosophy. A uniting figure whose very methods possess an intrinsic sustainability and shrewdness combined with a fiercely competitive spirit. Essentially, Arsène Wenger in his first decade in English football. Even the Frenchman's second decade has provided regular Champions League football on a yearly basis.

Forget about delving into FSG's managerial history, but after ten months of Jürgen Klopp in charge of Liverpool, everyone can clearly see the influence and charisma of the genuine article. His candid relationships with the press and players. The interviews that make your hair stand on end. Endless hugs. Structured pressing, intensity, and a coherent and tested tactical framework. There's a real method behind the wide smile, booming laugh, and endearing candour.

What we thought we know about Klopp from last season might be about to crumble with a summer transfer window, full pre-season, and relatively early transfer signings. This isn't to underestimate the work already undertaken by Klopp—foundations that will surely serve Liverpool well this coming season—but Liverpool fans haven't fully experienced what it means to be prepared by Klopp to be as competitive as possible along with building something lasting, sustainable.

Witness the fortunes of Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund since Klopp departed after seven seasons at each club. The foundations built by Klopp haven't crumbled in his absence, there is no revisionist history on the man's significance to the club, and they're still pushing on. Fourteen years at two clubs represent Klopp's history as a manager, and a six-year contract underlines the understanding between those in charge and the magnetic manager.

Liverpool are about to enter a new frontier, one where there may be some final answers about players at the club who need to step up with more money in the Premier League than ever before. For a club that subscribes to the cult of manager more than most English clubs in a footballing culture where spiritual and emotional leaders are sought in dugouts, Jürgen Klopp arrived at a time when Liverpool needed him most. A change was needed, but what was truly wondrous was how different the atmosphere would become under a unifying figure.

The failures of the past don't belong to Klopp, even last season's eighth-placed finish couldn't be entirely laid at the feet of the man tasked with reigniting the force of Liverpool Football Club. Two finals aren't a bad way to fall short in a truncated season. There is now genuine confidence free from unnecessary sentiment that Liverpool are beginning a journey that seems unburdened by the frustration of the past.

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