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The Week in Comments: "Full disclosure: I voted ReMane."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

I love you all like these two love a good face smashing kiss. Or something.
I love you all like these two love a good face smashing kiss. Or something.
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Community Comments

Confirmed: Joël Matip to Wear No.32 Shirt

3 + 2 = 5
Just sayin...

— TheWyenberg

Rumor Mongering: Benteke Deal Stumbles on Wages Demand

Maybe offer him a clause where he gets £1,000,000 for every one-on-one he scores. Of course, he would have to pay the same for every one he misses, so...

— RedInOz

Mario Balotelli Opens Up About the Media and His Bad Reputation

Emre's Brylcreem: Crazier shit has happened. Would love for him to succeed with us.

max-o: Dejan Lovren says "sup?"

Zielinski and Dahoud Transfers Still In Doubt

This story has ruined...

— tjwGOblue

Confirmed: Sadio Mané to Wear No.19 Shirt

LiverRed: Stewart Downing

LiverRed: I will just flag my own comment.

Iceland Expose Roy Hodgson and England at Euro 2016

Yes Roy, these things do happen
But like STDs, this was completely preventable with a little bit of thought

— G-Loff

Jürgen Klopp has “Followed Sadio Mané Since 2012”

So Klopp has been following Mane since 2012, said Firmino was the best in Germany when he was there, knew about Lovren before he came to Liverpool, and wanted Origi at Dortmund...

Has Klopp been our "transfer committee" this whole time?

— Cant Stop Lovren You

Sadio Mané Completes Liverpool Medical

Elizabeth L: Those are some bad jeans

HokieRed89: When you make that kind of money, pants are whatever you want them to be.

Liverpool Put £30m Price on a Benteke Move to Crystal Palace

Liverpool Because the Mets Suck: With the new TV deal, we have more money than we’ve had available to us since the champions league season and our remaining list of targets doesn’t look too expensive (dahoud, ziekinski, and chilwell would cost £40m more) before outgoings. So the £10m won’t kill us, and I can think of worse things to spend our money on. He’s a good guy, not a cancer like Balotelli and ultimately (once the possibility of a move closes) will fight his ass off to become as suitable as possible for Klopps system to earn minutes.

RogerTheShrubber: Balotelli is not a Cancer
He’s a Leo.
And I just don’t see why it matters. Jordan Henderson is a Cancer and they made him captain.

Official: Sadio Mané Signs With Liverpool

Full disclosure
I voted ReMane.

— Nerf

Staff Comment

Gerrard To Come To England's Rescue?

saintgrobian: bravery and individual moments of genius or whatever
This is the literally the fifth line in Stevie’s résumé.

Elizabeth: it's that low? What are the first four?

saintgrobian: Name, address, contact information, Jamie Carragher's contact information

Community Notes

liverpool blog fc sbn

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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