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Your Transfer Rumour Is Bullshit: Joe Allen to Manchester United


Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

The South Wales Evening News seems to think that Jose Mourinho has a desperate desire to swoop in and steal cult favorite Joe Allen away to Old Trafford for next season. It does looks like Liverpool may get rid of the majestically-bearded full-time chicken farmer and part-time footballer by the end of the summer transfer window. Right now, a return to Swansea seems the most likely outcome, with the Swans courting their former player for the last several months. However, the scuttlebutt is that Mourinho plans to mess up the Swans' plans and take the Welshman for his own midfield instead.

OK, listen. We love Joe Allen here at TLO, and it can't be denied that he was one of the standouts in this summer's Euros. He's a compact, hirsute spitfire who tilted quite a few games into Liverpool's favor last season. Having him as a midfield option is something that Klopp will surely miss, should Allen move on.

That being said, it's been a very long time since Liverpool did business with Manchester United, and it seems unlikely that the player who will change that is Joe Allen. Excellent though he may be, he's not the type of world class player that would warrant the hassle for Mourinho and Manchester United, nor the fan backlash.

Furthermore, Allen wants a move that can assure him more playing time for next season, a promise that Mourinho wouldn't be able to make.

Joe Allen may yet be leaving Anfield, that much is unavoidable, but it's unlikely that Manchester United will be his destination, so breathe easy.

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