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The Week in Search Terms: Transfermas

People find their way to TLO using all kinds of search terms. These are a few of them.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images
eu cookie law

Wait, the European Union has a law against cookies? That just might be the best argument in favour of Brexit I’ve heard. Somebody should let the Leave people know about it. The ones who haven’t buggered off already, obviously. What, all of them? Really?

liverpool transfer targets

All of the Germans. Just pull up a Bundesliga roster. Club doesn’t matter. Close your eyes and point. Yeah, that dude. The one you landed on. We’re totally buying him this summer.

liverpool chinese takeover

Just go away, Tony Evans, it’s not happening. Besides, shouldn’t you be yelling at some kids to get off your damn lawn about now?


That’ll be when Liverpool sell Christian Benteke to Crystal Palace and all told end up only out the price of a pack of crisps and a can of Irn Bru for taking him on for a year and relegating Aston Villa in the process. As is tradition, we’ll celebrate by finding a Sky reporter and waving a purple dildo around his head. Whoever gets it in his ear officially wins transfermas.

agger miss liverpool

And Liverpool miss Agger.

liverpool’s injury room

Currently empty. But I’m sure it will be filled up with broken hamstrings and torn ACLs in no time. I mean, we are the Liverpool. At the end of the day. So. Tra la la la la.

it is true that liverpool fc want to sign nani of portugal

No it isn’t.

marquee signing meaning

Usually it means spending a lot of money on a player you haven’t seen play much so you can imagine he’s totally worth it. So. Alex Teixeira. Had a great return in a terrible league that nobody watched and his club wanted well over £30M for him. That would have made him a marquee signing. But. Sadio Mané. Had a great return in a top league that everybody watches and his club wanted at least £30M for him. That means he’s not a marquee signing. See how it works? Us neither.

why liverpool need a takeover

Go. Away. Tony.

loris karius


A photo posted by Loris Karius (@lorisk21) on

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